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2 posts from March 2014


Week One

This week I have been a tourist, no doubt about it. Walking in a group of 25 American's, fumbling through my coin purse to get the correct pound or pent, and never knowing which way your supposed to go even when you have a map in your hand. Despite the embarrassing moments, like when you hold up an entire line just trying to figure out which coin is which, I have had the greatest week of my life.

For our first London meal Tess and I went to a chain called Wasabi. The sushi was in individual packages just like candy. It was bizarre, and could have been contaminating but I enjoyed every moment of it. Later that evening we went to dinner with the CIEE people. I met some really awesome people and laughed all night. It was great meeting people from all over the united states, I met people from, California, New York, Chicago, and even more. 


Throughout the week we spent time doing several things. We went on a the Big Bus tour, where we all shivered so many calories is was equivalent to walking the bus tour. We moved into our residence halls, traveled to Brick Lane (vintage market), Covent Garden's, Trafalgar Square, Oxford street, and so much more. Just walking around admiring all of the grand buildings is breath taking.


There have also been some interesting bumps and bruises on the way.

I think I have finally recovered from lugging my 80lbs suitcase, and the 20 lbs Primark bags, with hangers, comforters, pillows, and blankets galore. Carrying things everywhere will be an adjustment. London doesn't do bulk, because if london did bulk you would carry bulk.  I also purchased a phone to communicate with people in london. Let's just say I am getting used to T9 all over again and I'm loving every minute of it.

A few interesting facts about London.

-Christmas decorations stay up through at least the first two weeks of january. And when I say christmas decorations I mean they go all out. The christmas tree's are gigantic.

-The "elevator" is called the "lift".

-"Trash" is called "rubbish"

- and the coins all look the same.  Okay i'm joking about that one...but they are hard to figure out.







2014 started with a big bang, or you could call it a big fly! On January 1st, 2014 I flew across the world to emerse myself in a completely different culture. With two suit cases and some anxiety, I was off. 

To be honest, I wasn't sure if I would fit in. I had this idea of London, being this big city where I always had to wear black, probably completely change my personality, that I would maybe even come out on the other side with a british accent and I would definitely leave being cooler than I was when I arrived. Oh boy was I wrong. London is full of so many diverse people! You can wear flowers, lace and if you want to you can dye your hair's all totally normal. I haven't changed at all, other than being more worldly. I still wear colorful clothing, unfortunately the british accent isn't here and I love life just as much as I did when I came here. 

Not only is London one of the most accepting places I have ever been, but it is also very diverse. Coming to London I was shocked with the amount of non-white british people their were. In one of my classes, there are 5 white people in a class of 50. It is my Understanding Race Class..but it is cool to be in a place with so many different types of people. 

Coming to London I was shocked by all the diversity, the fashion choices, and I mean basically everything else. After living here for 3 months (WOW...can't believe that), I feel like I belong. After I arrived my anxiety flew, right out the window. It was quite a hard journey, getting up the courage to come abroad, planning, packing, and basically leaping into something I was unsure of. However, I leaped, and it was the best leap of faith I have ever taken. 

What I have learned.

-Don't be afraid to be yourself

-You can wear flowers and lace

- London is the most diverse city in the world. (Literally)