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This Is The Life

The last nineteen days I spent traveling around Europe. No, we're not petting baby tigers but we get to see the world! We have experienced things I never thought I'd have the opportunity to experience in my life. For the last nineteen days we travled through, Spain, Italy, France and Greece. With a backpack on our backs and a smile on our face we saw the world. 

We started off in Ibiza an Island of the coast of Spain, before heading to Valencia. In Spain we discovered Siesta's and the difference of eating times. Siesta's, are a two to three hour gap in the middle of the work day where nothing is open. The shop owners, and buisness folks go home and hang out with their kids, enjoy lunch and some of them even nap...what a life. For those of us that usually eat lunch during the siesta time you could see how it could be quite an incovenience. However, we went with it and ended up eating lunch at 3 and dinner at 10 or even 11 sometimes! 

Next we went to Marseille, France! Here we discovered beautiful beaches, and Ports, and what exhuastion feels like. The beaches in Marseille were beautiful, the water clear and very very cold. We figured this out by taking a dip into the Mediterranean Sea...what a rush. Traveling for 19 days will make you tired, I thought I could do it but it was definitely a struggle. One night I fell asleep with my shoes still laced on my feet and jeans on. 

After France we traveled to Italy to Venice and Rome. In Venice we were surrounded by water and tourist's. It was interesting to see police boats instead of cars, garbage boats instead of trucks, and Gondola's hauling tourist after tourist around the sewage filled seas. In Venice, it wasn't hard to get lost would think you were going in the right direction just to find you were walking into the water! We were in Rome the week before easter and so it was crowded, we saw the Vatican, the Coloseum, the Trevi Fountain, and much much more. It's not unusal to walk past a nun or a Priest in Rome...they were everywhere. 

Our last stop was Greece! The town covered in white, with pops of blue, green, red and sometimes yellow covering the doors and shutters. What a beautiful place to end a long vacation, relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sun and the beauty of the island. 

I can't say I wasn't ready to get back 'home' because I was tired and ready to get some rest. However, I enjoyed every bit of being tired because I was seeing things that I only dreamed I would ever see! 

Now I'm back in London prepping for finals, and soaking in my last four weeks in this beautiful city. 





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