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It's Not About The Journey But The Destination

I have found that I am okay with taking a three hour bus ride with my friends if it just means we’re going to be able to talk and laugh more. Despite getting car sick and needing food and fresh air, the journey can sometimes be ALOT better than the actual destination. Although, I wouldn’t suggest that everyone get to Hampton Court Palaces, by taking two rails, two busses, and a lot of walking, but hey it’s always an option. And along the way not only did we have a lot of fun being lost but we also discovered new delicious restaurants only two hours away from where we are staying!! 

This defines all of my week. We are learning SO MUCH (in class for sure) but mostly about traveling and preparation details. This week my friends and I learned that it is difficult to get somewhere when A. you don’t know where you are planning to go. and B. When you are on your way out and you haven’t looked up the directions yet. We also learned that although we might be on our way somewhere….that definitely doesn’t mean we are going to get there soon.

This week was full of interesting journey’s. Throughout the week I went to class, had some fun with my friends, and did a lot of laundry. I am loving every minute of being in London, I love the rain, the firedrills at 8 am on thursdays (mostly because it’s the best alarm clock a girl with an 10 am class could have) and I love being absolutely exhausted and somewhat delirious. 


On Wednesday of this week I tackled my laundry for the first time. It only took me two trips down and way to much money to finally reach floor -1. Having 4 driers and 4 washers and 300 kids in a building...lets just say it isn't the easiest laundry has ever been. But I managed to get my laundry into a washer and drier my second time looking downstairs. I was quite an experience trying to catch the elevator. Then I proceeded to hang all my clothes up in my room, finding random places for them to dry. 


That night we met a new friend while watching british reality TV shows in the Lobby. British reality TV shows are just as good as American reality TV shows. The main difference…the accents. The next day, we went to a pub called walkabout, there was Karaoke and a lot of dancing which summed up to a really good time. 

On friday my friends and I went to Borough Market. Borough Market is a market, with fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and CHEESE everywhere! We walked through the market five times before finally decided what we should eat. The smells coming from the market were phenomenal and it was definitely a good way to get some free samples. Later that day we went to a bar called Proud, it was old horse stables and the coolest bar I have ever been to. 



The next day my friends and I decided to visit a palace. So we met downstairs at 11 and were on our way. As we walked to the tube we realized we didn’t know where we were going, we didn’t know where it was or how to get there. So we looked it up on a phone, we finally figured it out and were on our way. When we got to our last stop on the tube we figured it would be just right around the corner… considering we went to the end of the tube line. But to our surprise the tube was getting repaired this weekend….so we had to take a bus. We were on the bus for what felt like 2 hours. The curvy roads, and that bus smell made me realize why we don’t ever take the bus. When we finally arrived we needed food and we needed food now, delirious already from the day we found a thai place right around the corner. The good news it was absolutely delicious and almost a comparison to Siam Square in Indianapolis. The bad news it’s only two short hours away. After we finished eating we looked up how much longer it would take to get to the castle, 45 minutes……but we decided we had come this far. So we got on another bus and headed to Hampton Court Palace! We finally made it after 4 hours, two rails, two buses, and a lot of laughter. We had an hour until the Palace closed and so we walked around the courtyards and decided we had to come back when we had more time! It was a beautiful palace but an even more beautiful journey.


The next day we headed to Stonehenge and Bath. Tess, Emma, and I, slept while the bus took us to our destination. When we woke up we realized we were in a storm. As we stepped out of the bus Umbrella’s up and wind whipping our hair we headed to stonehenge. It was really cool, we mustered up the courage to take a couple pics and then ran back to the buses where we were drenched from head to toe. Next we were on our way to Bath. What a cool place, the entirety of Bath is on a hill, and it is so old. I loved walking through the city, stepping and falling on uneven cobblestone and admiring what the romans built. 




….and at the end of the week MY DAD COMES!!!!!!!!!!

Things I have learned this week

  • Victorian Pubs are on the corners 
  • Just because it’s at a horse stable doesn’t mean it’s not sanitary
  • instead of No problem british people say “thats okay”
  • you can’t cook chicken frozen



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