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Since i’ve been abroad (for what like two weeks now) the word lost has developed an entirely new meaning. Lost no longer means, arguments about which way to go while driving 50 miles per hour on a highway. No longer while I am abroad will I associate the word lost with stress.

Getting lost, is finding yourself down a long windy river with only the sun guiding your way. It’s going to the opposite side of a park to find a magnificent hill overlooking the entire city of London. It is walking on cobblestone roads starring at houses you will never be able to afford. And sometimes lost means playing on a lime green gym that is outside of an office building. Lost is only as stressful as you make it and 10 out of 10 times you find your way home.

This week has been a different experience than last week. Although the excitement from being in a new city has settled down quite a bit the adventure hasn’t. I no longer hold up lines while searching for right coins. I have FINALLY mastered the coins!

The word lost explained Tess, Emma (new friend) and my entire week. On wednesday I walked to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, and behind the eye and then somehow I made it to Trafalgar Square, and ended up walking down a road that led me right to Buckingham Palace, and threw St. James park and then back to the Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. I have no idea how it happened or even how I got back, all I know is that God led me there because my map sure as heck wasn’t working. However I know that Lost had never been so beautiful.

The next day I went shopping and ate with a group of seven girls! Oxford Street at night is beautiful still all lit up with christmas decorations. We shopped everywhere and had the best dinner and dessert’s from THE SLUG AND THE LETTUCE. Don’t let the name fool you it was the best meal i’ve had since coming to London.

We then decided we would go to the Tate Modern. Well Emma looked up the Tate Britain and so we ended up lost (again) finding our way from Tate to Tate! It was a beautiful 2 mile walk. It was worth getting lost, we modeled with Big Ben, and the London eye it was magnificent. Later that evening our school took us on a Boat cruise where we went right under the Tower of London.


Tower Bridge at night from our boat cruise

We continued the weekend getting a membership to the all the palaces of London, visiting the tower of london and covent garden’s. We also went to Camden town, which is an extremely hip part of London. The building were artwork in themselves, with shoes and designs lining the top of each of the stores. Quite overwhelming if you aren’t color blind. We ended up walking along the river and through the London Zoo. Hyena’s and bird’s lined the river’s path. We then continued through primrose hill where we had to ask like 3 people for directions.

And Today was my first day of classes! It’s gonna be a gooooooood semester.

Things I learned this week

  • The city of London and London are different
  • Getting something “To Go” is called “Take Away”
  • If you want cream in your “filtered” coffee you say “white”
  • The Queen’s body guards have to be in the Military for at least 25 year

Restaurants and Stores I’ve enjoyed shopping at

  • The slug and the lettuce (restaurant)
  • Primark
  • Wafflemeister
  • Strada
  • Wetherspoons
  • and Camden Market


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