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Oxford and Blenheim Palace

On saturday, CIEE took us to Blenheim Palace. We walked through a breathtaking palace where Winston Churchill was born. It looked like a mini Versaille, in Paris, with the intricate gardens and detailed rooms. It was beautiful. After our tour of the palace we had the pleasure of seeing a jousting 'show'. We watched children enthralled with the show, they carried 'severed heads' and swords as they marched around the arena. Then jousting horses came in and we laughed as they fake fought before heading back to the 'Downton Abbey' esque house. We then traveled to Oxford and learned about the colleges and universities that made up the town. It was a beautiful place and we were able to walk into their great hall, that J.K. Rowling based the dining hall in Hogwarts after. We learned a lot about the schooling system in England. We learned that there are 39 schools in Oxford, students attend two years of college before attending two years of universities and they are all under the umbrella of Oxford. It was cool to walk around before heading back to London.

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