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ImageQueen Elizabeth How I felt about doing homework

This week was full of a term that is considered quite foreign here….homework. The educational system is set up quite differently in London, and instead of giving us pointless activities to do to ensure we learn what needs to be learned, we are given two assessments for most of our classes. My first assessment was due this thursday and It was an unfamiliar feeling to sit down in the library and have to focus for an extended period of time. However I did learn a lot. It was a history paper, about the population growth of London in the 19th century. Living conditions were not so great. The tube, the most amazing transportation system ever, was just being built. Tearing up ground, meant thousands of people losing their homes and having to relocate to a different part of London. It was worth it but the Victorian people weren’t pleased.

While most of my week was spent grueling in the library, the rest was spent frolicking through London….so HONESTLY I can’t complain. On Valentines day, unfortunately my non-existent boyfriend wasn’t around so I had to hang out with my friends…the next best thing :). We spent the afternoon, intently starring at portraits of prince albert, Kate Middleton, and the ever so lovely Vivien Leigh at the National Portrait Gallery. We then proceeded to ask about a dessert place, where a lady excitedly pointed in the direction of a tea and cake place. It was amazing indulging in cake, and a wonderful cup of tea for our valentines treat.


ImageKate Middleton


Yesterday we ventured to Notting Hill for the Portobello Market. We walked around the market for hours, looking at clothes that were way to expensive, dreaming of houses we would never be able to live in, and pretending that for one second we had more money than we actually do. We had the most amazing donuts! Later that evening, Tess and I and a couple of friends from our CIEE program went Ceilidh Dancing, (scottish dancing). We sweat and laughed and made funny faces at each other while we spun, jumped, and learned how to do Ceilidh. It was a blast, being goofy with a bunch of strangers. And then we enjoyed a nice dinner with a few new friends. I ended up actually meeting someone that was friends with one of my best friends from home, can you say small world.


Today I was on somewhat of a struggle bus after the first thing I did this morning was hit my head aggressively on my friends door trying to be funny. Let’s just say this time when I say,”there were a few bumps and bruises on the way…” it is not a metaphor. Literally on the way to the museum there was a huge bump and bruise on the back of my head haha. Kelsey and I laughed about it all day while Tess was seriously concerned I should go to the hospital. While it wasn’t that serious, I am glad to have a friend would take care of me if something that serious did happen. This afternoon we perused through the museum of London for a class, took vigorous notes…………..and then we were on our way.

Some things I learned

  • All about the population growth of London.
  • Follow recipe’s when cooking, or you might just end up with a pile of chickpea’s instead of a chickpea burger.
  • We say friends or “best friend,” British people say “Best Mate” or “Mates”.
  • we can get around without emma (although I don’t prefer it.) 
  • and vacuum’s have faces!




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