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The Time of Our Lives



With our time here ending I am sad to say goodbye. I am sad to leave friends that I spent months getting to know, hoping we'll all see eachother again soon. And sad to leave this beautiful place that I have learned to call home. Seeing beautiful buildings every time I walk outside and grinning from ear to ear when the sun decides to come out. Seeing all the Brits red from face to feet because 'sun' not normal. But I am also happy to head home, to see my family, and friends. Lets just say its been bitter sweet. Everyone always says you learn so much about who you are when studying abroad, and yeah i'm gonna be one of those people. It was a HUGE learning experience, learning about who I am, who I want to become and so on. I would like to speak for myself and all the other CIEEers that I met this semester. We will all leave loving life a little bit more, thanking our parents ALOT and we will take every lesson learned with us for the rest of our lives. And when our grandchildren ask about the glory days (if they even care to know)....this will definitely be on the top of our lists. 

For the last two weeks CIEE planned numerous things for us to do. One night a few of us headed out to the Globe Theatre. This was the ultimate cultural experience, I sat there in awe as I listened, a little confused (not going to lie), and enjoyed every 'jest' and overexaggerated gesture. This night it felt amazing to be in a place with so much history and culture. 


Another awesome thing about being in London is the plays and musicals in this big city. This week I went to Book of Mormon. For those who don't mind being offended in the funniest possible way you have GOT to go. After the lights came on I was laughing for the next two and half hours. It was amazing, a smile did not leave my face until the final curtain went down. 

Today, we had our CIEE farewell tea. What a perfect way to go out in style with High Tea at the Royal Gardens Hotel. Enjoying great company and LOTS of tea we talked about where we would go and also about where we have been. We left feeling full of tea and scones. It is weird thinking that you might not ever see some of the people again, but it was amazing knowing they took part in one of the greatest experiences of your life. 



Before heading to London on January 1st, I was terrified. Didn't know who i'd meet, what I'd see, where i'd live....the list goes could call me clueless. However, once I got here all my questions were answered. I got to travel the world, see things most people don't get to see in their lives and meet the most open, fun loving, and caring people. They 'opened my realms', helped me to love more, see more, and risk more. I can't say that I am happy to leave this beautiful place. But I know it will always be apart of me, every where I go. 


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