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If My Shoes Could Talk


If my shoes could talk, they would tell you they were a little bit tired. They might tell you that they love to step in mud, and that they don’t mind the rain. But if you dug down deep into their “sole” they would tell you all of the experiences that the United Kingdom has to offer. After all, they have only been with me on this unforgettable journey…saying bye to my family, flying to London, and all the adventures after that. And let me tell you, they are some pretttttty great shoes.

I feel like I say this every week but WOW this has been one heck of a week. New experiences, New friends, and a whole lot more fun.

Last Wednesday, Tess, Emma, Kelsey and I went to a “musical” (if you could call it that). It was called “Let it Be” and if you are down to watch a Beatles Tribute band for 3 hours than this is the musical for you. I thought at some point a story would come about….nope, but it was awesome! They went through each of the albums and played all the best music! It was not exactly what we expected but it was so much fun! Before the musical, we walked through covent garden which has easily become ONE of my favorite places in London. It is full of live performers, playing violin’s or singing. The musicians are hired to play there so they are super talented. Kelsey and I thought we heard Ed Sheeran one night so we ran to hear if it was him…it was a little bit of a let down, just an old man who sounded exactly like ed sheeran.

This week I also started making my own meals. This is the first time I have had to do this since going to college. My diet consists of sandwiches, sandwiches, a couple of sandwiches and some pasta. So last week I picked out some mustard for a sandwich. I saw Heinz  but decided to go for something new, it was yellow and looked a lot like Heinz. So I went back to the dorms and made myself a sandwich with mustard on it. Get back to my room and I take a bite and my eyes are watering. I was the color purple because there was so much horseradish in this mustard. It was the spiciest mustard I have ever eaten. I also experimented with some potatoes (didn’t realize they took 20 minutes to boil), some stir fry, and various other foods.

Throughout the week I attended classes. Listening to the british “lecturer’s” speak is entertaining in itself. I love all of my classes, I am taking a Victorian British History class, Cognitive psychology, understanding race, and modern art in London. A lot of the classes do “field trips” which is an awesome way to learn. For modern art in London we analyzed some modern art in the Tate Modern. And for my history classes we walked around and saw a lot of victorian era architecture. It is amazing how old London is. On my own, I was also able to check out the science museum this week.

This weekend, Emma Tess and I took a trip to Cardiff, Wales (which is the capitol of wales). The weather was not ideal but we got to see some of the most amazing things. On friday night we went to a pub that has bed’s in it. There were only a few bed and we were able to get to sit in one of them. It was a relaxing night just talking with friends and having some beers.

The Bunk HouseThe Bunk House


The next day we went on an adventure to the coast of wales. We traveled to Llantwit and took a bus to the coast….the towns were so quant. When we got to the coast it was absolutely beautiful! There were cliffs everywhere and just fields and fields of green. There were a couple of falls along the way only to add to the enjoyment of the journey. At the end of our walk along the coast we were all covered in mud, rain, and smiles.

Coast of WalesCoast of WalesVale Of GlamorganVale Of Glamorgan


Then we realized we had to find a way to get back…..and like I said we are in a small town. Bellies hungry and bladders full we hiked to find a bus station. As the rain pelted our backs we hiked and hiked until we finally found a bus station and the next bus was coming in ten minutes! As we were checking the times, the bus zoomed passed us! We started sprinting..but the bus never stopped. However, we found a place to eat and warm up before the next bus. It was quite an experience, and honestly i’m surprised we’re all not sick from the rain.

Finally we get on a bus and headed back to Cardiff! The next day we went to the Cardiff Castle, the National History museum and shopping! It was an awesome weekend full of unforgettable stories.

Cardiff CastleCardiff Castle


The many Phrases of British people

  • “Many Thanks” instead of thanks a lot
  • They pronounce Garage, like Carriage with a G at the beginning
  • Umbrella’s are called “Brolly’s”


This Is The Life

The last nineteen days I spent traveling around Europe. No, we're not petting baby tigers but we get to see the world! We have experienced things I never thought I'd have the opportunity to experience in my life. For the last nineteen days we travled through, Spain, Italy, France and Greece. With a backpack on our backs and a smile on our face we saw the world. 

We started off in Ibiza an Island of the coast of Spain, before heading to Valencia. In Spain we discovered Siesta's and the difference of eating times. Siesta's, are a two to three hour gap in the middle of the work day where nothing is open. The shop owners, and buisness folks go home and hang out with their kids, enjoy lunch and some of them even nap...what a life. For those of us that usually eat lunch during the siesta time you could see how it could be quite an incovenience. However, we went with it and ended up eating lunch at 3 and dinner at 10 or even 11 sometimes! 

Next we went to Marseille, France! Here we discovered beautiful beaches, and Ports, and what exhuastion feels like. The beaches in Marseille were beautiful, the water clear and very very cold. We figured this out by taking a dip into the Mediterranean Sea...what a rush. Traveling for 19 days will make you tired, I thought I could do it but it was definitely a struggle. One night I fell asleep with my shoes still laced on my feet and jeans on. 

After France we traveled to Italy to Venice and Rome. In Venice we were surrounded by water and tourist's. It was interesting to see police boats instead of cars, garbage boats instead of trucks, and Gondola's hauling tourist after tourist around the sewage filled seas. In Venice, it wasn't hard to get lost would think you were going in the right direction just to find you were walking into the water! We were in Rome the week before easter and so it was crowded, we saw the Vatican, the Coloseum, the Trevi Fountain, and much much more. It's not unusal to walk past a nun or a Priest in Rome...they were everywhere. 

Our last stop was Greece! The town covered in white, with pops of blue, green, red and sometimes yellow covering the doors and shutters. What a beautiful place to end a long vacation, relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sun and the beauty of the island. 

I can't say I wasn't ready to get back 'home' because I was tired and ready to get some rest. However, I enjoyed every bit of being tired because I was seeing things that I only dreamed I would ever see! 

Now I'm back in London prepping for finals, and soaking in my last four weeks in this beautiful city.